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Stuck Duck title card

Stuck Duck's title card

Stuck Duck is the thirteenth episode of season one in Peep and the Big Wide World along with Chirp Builds a Nest, which comes before it. It first aired April 28th, 2004 and is written by Joe Fallon with the storyboard by Gabriela Godoy.

Title card

The title depicts looking through a hollow log, presumably from Quack's Point Of View on a bluish grayish background. Chirp is peering into the log while Peep is seen a little farther off.

Condensed summary

Quack gets stuck in a hollow log after he and peep go through it while playing follow the leader. Peep and Chirp and others spend the rest of the day trying to get him out. Eventually they succeed when Quack gets sleepy and yawns his way out.

Expanded summary

Character appearances

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