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Episode debut:

Spring Thing


His can

Voice actor:

Scott Beaudin (1st to 3rd seasons)
Shawn Molko (4th season)
Maxwell Uretsky (5th season)

Peep is a main character and protagonist in the show Peep and the Big Wide World.


Peep has two black feet that have three toes on each foot and are connected to the rest of his body by his cylindrical black legs. Peep has a red comb on the top of his head that is surrounded by a black outline. Peep has a black beak and above it two white circular eyes with black pupils. Peep has a round yellow body covered by yellow feathers.


Peep is curious, brave, accommodating, accepting, and sometimes naive. Additionally, Peep does not take sides. Peep has not be shown expressing anger but instead becomes mournful as seen in the episode Spring Thing where, upon having seen Quack had crushed the small flower, he did not react angrily to Quack but instead mourned. When faced with losing a certain thing or person dear to him, Peep has becomes sad to the point of crying as seen in the episode Stormy Weather where Peep begins to cry at the prospect of not saying goodbye to Nellie.


Peep made his debut in the episode Spring Thing. Peep was born in an egg and now lives in a can and makes a regular appearance in episodes often alongside the other protagonists, Chirp and Quack. Peep gets along with most characters and often tries to help them or his friends with their problems. Peep, due to his curiosity, asks many questions with sometimes his curiosity spurring him on to go into new places or do new things.


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Episode Appearances

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Major Appearances

Springy Thingy

Peep awakes from his can and sighs happily as he walks out. Spying a frog hopping near by, Peep follows it and watches it hop and then tries to imitate it himself. Peep doesn't hop very high and even after the frog demonstrates again, he can still not mimic it. Peep is still determined to jump as high as the frog and follows after it, watching as it jumps off a stone. Peep jumps off the same stone and suddenly is thrown high into the air causing him to rejoice. While he is hopping, he spots Quack and calls him out to him which, after several attempt to get the duck's attention, send Quack over to him. The duck finds Peep bouncing on a mattress and admires his talent and Peep hops off the mattress to demonstrate his jumping ability. Peep jumps low again but Quack instead looks upward and doesn't notice till Peep hops again. After retracing his steps to find out how he was able to jump so high, Peep discovers that it is the mattress that allowed him to jump. Quack jumps on the mattress and the birds begin to play on it.

Chirp appears and Peep asks her to join but Chirp, instead of jumping on the mattress, use a lever of a nearby box to get near the mattress. The lever moves downwards and music begins to play and Peep asks Chirp to do it again, which she does, and both Peep and Quack jump off to listen. When the lever goes to high for Chirp to reach, Quack enlists Peep to help by getting on top of Chirp and pushing the lever. After sometime, the lid of the box comes off and a weasel head suddenly appears that startles Peep and Chirp into falling down. Peep decides to fix the box by pushing the weasel back inside and begins to bump it with his head which eventually leads to the birds get on top of each other to push it down.

With Peep at the top, Peep forces down on the weasel downwards and notes that the weasel keeps pushing harder back as he pushes it harder down. Peep slips causing the weasel to rebound with him hanging by his foot from its nose. The bird then decide to have Quack sit on top of the weasel and so, with Chirp and Peep on the rim grabbing one of Quack's feet, the birds prepare to execute their plan. Chirp and Peep pull Quack down then tip the lid on him and jump on top of the lid. Quack shoots out of the box leaving the two birds on the lid presuming they have completed their task. Once the lid starts bobbing up and down due to the weasel, Chirp secures it and Peep then prepares to jump on the lever to hear the song again. Chirp stops him and reminds him of the effort they put to getting the weasel back in and Peep comments on how easily the box breaks and its springiness. Peep is last seen bouncing on the mattress with other animals.

Minor Appearances

  • A Duck's Tale - Peep appeared in early part of the A Duck's Tale first being seen when Quack, at night, rammed into him while he was sleeping in his can. Peep awoke sleepily and greeted Quack but later went back to sleep while his friend started to explain why he had come over. In the morning, Peep and Quack shot out from the can after they attempted to get out and Quack announced he will go home and get rid of the repulsive smell around his pond (from which he ran to Peep in the first place). Peep asks how and the duck tells he will speak to it sternly which cause Peep to laugh and Quack misinterprets this as disbelief and set out to prove him wrong.

    Peep tags along with Quack and comes across a flower which he stops to smell but then moves out of the way to allow a bee to accesses it. After meeting up with Quack who has found a skunk and while the two walk away, Peep brings up the flower and asks if Quack wants to go smell it again. Quack instead express his awe at the skunk's ability of spraying and as bee passes by, Peep talks to it about the flower. After Quack learns of a bee's ability to sting, he asks Peep if he can find a stinger on him but Peep finds nothing but a small blue feather. While continuing onward, the two birds suddenly encounter a porcupine whose frightens them. The porcupine's quills fascinate Quack and, from Quack's gesture, Peep infers a question and responds that he doesn't think Quack has quills of the porcupine's kind. Quack walks off sadly and Peep is last seen standing near a tree looking sorrowfully after him.
  • Newton's Big Adventure - Peep appears near the start of the episode, along with Quack, calling out for Newton and running towards his tree. Peep tells Newton of how he fell down the rabbit hole and ask him what he did. After listening to Newton tell how apples fell on his head, Peep invites Newton to come have adventures with him and Quack. Newton mentions how he is slower that him and Quack hastily agrees and pushes Peep away. Peep, while being pushed by Quack, calls out to Newton that he is still invited and that they will be at Quack's pond. Peep is later seen near the end of the episode again with Quack walking by Newton's tree in the evening. Because Newton is sleeping, Peep decides he will say good night to him tomorrow and is last seen walking away from the tree with Quack.


  • Peep and Chirp's footprint are the same shape.


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