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Gender Male
Species Chicken
Episode debut Spring Thing
Home His can
Voice actor Scott Beaudin (1st to 3rd seasons)

Shawn Molko (4th season) Maxwell Uretsky (5th season)

Peep is one of the main characters in the show Peep and the Big Wide World.


Peep has two black feet that have three toes on each foot and are connected to the rest of his body by his cylindrical black legs. Peep has a red comb on the top of his head that is surrounded by a black outline. Peep has a black beak and above it two white circular eyes with black pupils. Peep has a round yellow body covered by yellow feathers.


Peep is curious, brave, accommodating, accepting, and sometimes naive. Additionally, Peep also does not take sides.


Peep made his debut in the episode Spring Thing. He gets along with most characters and sometimes tries to help them. Peep doesn't expresses anger often and asks many questions. Sometimes Peep is actually shown crying when he will never see something he has liked ever again. Peep was born in an egg and now lives in a can. Peep appears regularly in episodes and often with Chirp and Quack.


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