Hoot's feather
Hoot's feather
Episode debut:

Birds of a Feather

Hoot's feather is a item in the show Peep and the Big Wide World.


The feather has a black stem at the back of it that is attached to the rest of the feather's diamond shaped "body". The feather is divided into two parts by a small black line. The tip of the feather is black and formed into a diamond shape with a black v shaped marking placed a short distance below it. The rest of the feather is a light bluish purple. According to the narrator, the feather shines.


Hoot's feather debuted in the episode Birds of a Feather. Peep first found the feather while walking. Peep marvels at the feathers beauty and wished the feather was his, as most of the other animals who saw it did. Peep notices it isn't and seeks to return the feather to its rightful owner. After much time of seeking the owner, Squeak tells Peep, Chirp, and Quack about a fierce bird that is the owner of the feather.

After arriving at Hoot's home, Chirp and Peep apologize for taking the feather and give it back to Hoot who tells them she doesn't need it anymore. The feather has apparently been kept by either Peep or Chirp.


Hoot's feather makes a cameo in the game Memory Lane as one of the many things the player can see on their walk. Unusually, Hoot's feather is a darker blue.

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