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• 12/29/2015

Choice Awards!

Let's face it, Peep and The Big Wide World has a lot of awesome episodes. But what's everyone's favorite? So, let's have a sort of Choice awards on this very own wiki! 

Best Episode!

Funniest Episode!

Scariest Episode!

Best Writer!

Favorite Character! 

Funniest Character!

Just list your nomination, and the category you're nominating it for below. Let's have fun! :D 


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• 1/5/2016

Oh, this is quite an interesting idea! Even though I've probably seen over half of the entire series, I believe my memory is quite foggy so finding a subject for every category might be difficult.


Best Episode: A Duck's Tale
Why? Because Quack getting depressed over ducks -- something he holds so high -- and then having Chirp patch up his ego was both humorous and heartwarming. Also, Quack probably now realizes that he also has an incredible talent in rank with the other animals' skills.

Funniest Episode: The Lurmies are Coming
This is probably one of those episodes that is foggy in my mind. I think the main humor from it comes when what the Lurmies are is finally revealed. Off the top of my head the other funny episodes I can think of are Quack's Pond Party and Quack and the Very Big Rock (it is really no surprise that Quack plays a main role in all of them XD).

Scariest Episode: Stormy Weather
Well, this show never really gets to scary and the most that ever happens is a few mild situations of peril (though I suppose if one considered the end result of these situations it might be more terrifying). Stormy Weather is foggy in my mind but I think the believed perspective that everything is dark, people are disappearing, and things are never going to change was rather grim.

Ehh, I can't really think of the best writer since I haven't covered many of the episodes.

Favorite character: Quack!
His sarcasm, bossiness, and selfishness really make him funny. Also, he has enough sense to take responsibility for his actions and does care for his friends.

Funniest character: Quack
Hands down, Quack is the funniest character. Some of the one-time characters were also funny but I doubt that with Quack's frequent appearance and memorable characteristics will fail to surpass any other character.

Lastly, thank you for starting this thread (^-^)

• 10/23/2016

Oh my god, thank you for starting this! It's so great to have.

Best episode: Aw, you're going to make me pick? There are so many!

Funniest episode: Quack and the Very Big Rock is just one of the funniest period, although Give Me a Call Comes Closest.

Scariest Episode: I dunno. This show isn't very scary, although I guess Who Stole the Big Wide World could work since it's sort of ominous sounding.

Best writer: Joe Fallon, probably

Funniest and Favorite character: Quack. Of course.

And yes, thank you sooooooo much for starting this thread!!

• 9/13/2017
Before posting my awards, can anybody tell me which episode it is that Quack happens upon Chirp who is talking in her sleep and begs Quack to never sing again. She proceeds to sing (off key) the words, "No singing singing ducks"

Best Episode! "Red Ball Moon" It's redemptive to see Chirp realize her dream of flying if only in her dreams (no pun intended)

Funniest Episode! "The Last Straw"

Scariest Episode! "Stormy Weather" though it also has a cozy feel to it too

Best Writer! Can't decide...they're all fantastic

Favorite Character! Chirp

Funniest Character! Quack
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